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For over the last fifty years, the University Council has functioned as the governing legislative body of the University of Georgia. Established through the adoption of the Statutes of the University of Georgia by the Board of Regents, the first meeting of University Council occurred on November 2, 1959 in the Continuing Education Center. Presiding over the inaugural meeting was University of Georgia President Omer C. Aderhold. The agenda for the first meeting included an overview of decisions made by the Faculty Executive Committee regarding several committees on campus, among them the creation of a “Curriculum Council”.

Today, the University Council continues a rich tradition of serving the educational interests and welfare of the University of Georgia. The University Council serves not only as the legislative body which votes on recommendations from the University Standing Committees, but as a democratic outlet where the campus populace can voice an opinion concerning important issues pertaining to the university.

Six meetings occur during a term of the University Council, beginning in the Fall semester of each academic term and running through the following Spring semester. For the 2012-2013 term, the Council will be comprised of 206 members, 152 of which are faculty and Staff Council representatives, 20 who are student representatives, and 34 who are members serving in an ex-officio capacity. Each meeting is run by the President of the University of Georgia, who acts as President of the Council. Assisting the President during each meeting is the Chair of the University Council Executive Committee, the Registrar, who serves as Secretary to the Council, and the Parliamentarian.

UGA Presidents, Secretaries, and Executive Committee chairs

Listed below are the UGA Presidents, Secretaries, and Executive Committee chairs who have provided their services to the successful governance of the University Council.
Executive Committee Chair Term
Sylvia Giraudo2013-present
Nelson Hilton2012-2013
Scott Shamp2011-2012
Jeff Dorfman2010-2011
Adrian Childs2009-2010
Bruce Hollett2008-2009
William Vencill2007-2008
Susan Mattern Parkes2006-2007
Nancy Felson2005-2006
Margaret Robinson2004-2005
Scott Weinberg2003-2004
Mark Reiger2002-2003
Christine Langone2001-2002
Charles Keith2000-2001
Clifton Smith1999-2000
William Barstow1998-1999
Scott Shamp1997-1998
Betty Whitten1996-1997
Sylvia Hillyard Pannell1995-1996
Richard Schermerhorn1994-1995
Hugh Ruppersburg1993-1994
Betty Jean Craige1992-1993
Peter Dress1990-1992
Peter Shedd1989-1990
Paul Kurtz1988-1989
Joe Crim1987-1988
Kent Middleton1986-1987
Ellen Jordan1985-1986
Robert Bailey1984-1985
Archie Carroll1983-1984
Charles Hendershott1981-1983
Jean-Pierre Piriou1980-1981
James Foster1979-1980
Archie Patterson1978-1979
Ronald Ellington1975-1978
UGA President Term
Jere W. Morehead2013-present
Michael F. Adams1997-2013
Charles B. Knapp1987-1997
Henry K. Stanford1986-1987
Frederick C. Davison1967-1986
Omer C. Aderhold1950-1967
Secretary Term
Jan Hathcote2011-present
Rebecca Macon2003-2011
Gary Moore1998-2003
Bruce Shutt1975-1998
James Landers1975-1975
Walter Danner1959-1974