University Libraries Committee

The University Libraries Committee considers and recommends general policies for the development and utilization of the University libraries.


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Member Name College/School/Unit Term End Date
Barnard, Malcolm Undergraduate Student Representative 2017
Chatterjee, Santanu Terry College of Business 2017
Franic, Duska College of Pharmacy 2017
Gomez-Lanier, Lilia College of Family & Consumer Sciences 2017
Graham, Toby (Ex-Officio) Associate Provost & University Librarian Indefinite
Green, Gary Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources 2017
Hill, Daniel School of Public & International Affairs 2017
Hines, Meg College of Education 2017
Hurley, David (Chair) College of Veterinary Medicine 2017
Jaskyte Bahr, Kristina School of Social Work 2019
Kreshel, Peggy Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication 2019
Lancaster, Andrew Postdoctoral Association 2017
Lu, Kun College of Public Health 2019
Myhre, Karin Franklin College of Arts & Sciences 2017
Pickering, John Odum School of Ecology 2019
Ramasamy, Ramaraja College of Engineering 2018
Reason, Akela The Graduate School 2019
Rhicard, Laura Staff Council Representative 2018
Tufts, Melissa College of Environment & Design 2019
West, Sonja School of Law 2018
Williams-Woodward, Jean College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 2019