University Libraries Committee Members

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Member Name College/School/Unit Term End Date
Assaf, Francis The Graduate School 2016
Bermudez, Maria College of Family & Consumer Sciences 2014
Dobbin, Kevin College of Public Health 2016
Fairchild, Brian College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 2016
Grossman, Gary Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources 2014
Hood, Trey School of Public & International Affairs 2014
Hurley, David (Chair) College of Veterinary Medicine 2017
Infante, Carlos Postdoctoral Association 2014
Kastner, James College of Engineering 2015
Kreshel, Peggy Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication 2016
Myhre, Karin Franklin College of Arts & Sciences 2017
Phillips, Beth College of Pharmacy 2014
Pickering, John Odum School of Ecology 2016
Potter, William (Ex-Officio) Associate Provost and University Librarian Indefinite
Reeves, Patricia School of Social Work 2016
Rhicard, Laura Staff Council Representative 2015
Rodell, Jessica Terry College of Business 2014
Simpson, Kathy College of Education 2014
Tufts, Melissa College of Environment & Design 2016
Watson, Carol School of Law 2014
Weber, Brett Graduate/Professional Student Representative 2014