University Council Minutes

02/21/2013 03:30 PM - Tate Theater, Tate Student Center
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The University Council met on February 21, 2013 in the Tate Student Center's Tate Theater. President Adams called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

The minutes of the November 28, 2012 meeting were approved as distributed.

The President's report to the Council included the following remarks:

  • President Adams opened his remarks to the Council by congratulating University of Georgia Provost Jere Morehead on being named the 22nd president of the University.
  • The President also recognized Dr. Rodney Bennett, Vice President for Student Affairs, on being named incoming president of the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Bennett will become the first minority president of a majority white university in Mississippi.
  • Dr. Libby Morris has been named by President-designate Morehead as Interim Provost of the University. There will be an upcoming national search for the next provost of the University.
  • Since the last Council meeting, Dr. Craig Kennedy has joined UGA as the new dean of the College of Education.
  • The President reminded Council members that the University has entered the admission season. If projected numbers hold, this year for UGA will be the most competitive it has ever seen as admission to the University is in high demand. The President explained that this is a sensitive issue because unfortunately the University will have to deny admission to many Georgians this year.
  • The President thanked those faculty and staff who participated in this year's Celebration of Support in Atlanta. Another fundraising year has concluded in which an excess of one hundred million dollars was raised, led by Vice President for External Affairs Tom Landrum and his staff. Currently, fundraising is running ahead of last year's pace. The President thanked those who have given to the University and indicated that the need for faculty and student support remains high.
  • Last week saw the unveiling of the new expansion to the Classic Center in downtown Athens. Dr. George Foreman, director of the UGA Performing Arts Center, was on hand conducting the Columbian Brass Band at the opening. The UGA Performing Arts Center and the Classic Center have partnered to bring events in the arts to Athens, the latest being a concert by the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra on February 27 at the Classic Center.
  • The President followed up with Council on an item from last semester. At the September 27, 2012 meeting, the Council passed a recommendation regarding voluntary benefits and health benefits for domestic partners. The President signed the recommendation and forwarded the recommendation, along with a letter, to the Chancellor inquiring about moving forward on these two matters. The President stated that he is still waiting on a response from the Board of Regents and that he would let the Council know when he has received further direction on this matter.
  • The UGA Foundation Trustees are currently meeting at various sites on the campus through the weekend, including a dinner at the newly opened College of Environment and Design building. The Foundation manages the nearly eight hundred million dollar endowment for the University.
  • The week following Spring Break will host Entrepreneurship Week at the University led by Associate Provost Margaret Wagner Dahl.
  • On April 13th, country music star Jason Aldean will perform in a concert at Sanford Stadium. Campus operations on that day will function much like they do on a game day Saturday, including parking regulations. This concluded the President's report to the Council.

The floor was then opened for the following standing committee reports:

The following Action Items were presented to the Council for approval:

The following reports were then delivered to the Council:

There being no old or new business, the meeting adjourned at 4:18pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Jan Hathcote, Registrar
Secretary to University Council

University Council Roster

Abbott, Karen

Gordon, Robert

Medine, Carolyn

Adams, Michael 

Graff, Jennifer

Melnik, Beth

Alworth, Leanne

Griffin, Mary Grace

Moore, Mary

Anderson, James

Griffith, Jennifer

Morehead, Jere

Anderson, Mark

Grossman, Barbara

Mosher, Marshall

Andrews, Gayle

Gutierrez Sanchez, Gerardo

Motes, Bethany

Arabnia, Hamid

Hall, Jori

Myhre, Karin

Atkinson, Eric

Hammersley, Jackie

Nadenicek, Daniel

Azadi, Parastoo

Harman, Ruth

Nix, Rance

Baird, Spencer

Harrison, Mark

Oie, Svein

Bennett, Catherine

Hathcote, Jan

Orpinas, Pamela

Bennett, Rodney

Haynes, Audrey

Pagnattaro, Marisa

Biesecker, Barbara

Hazinski, David

Parker, Candace

Bivins, Danny

Heiss, Christian

Potter, William

Bliss, Thomas

Henry, Gerald

Poudyal, Neelam

Boyhan, George

Hilton, Nelson

Poulsen, Annette

Brum, Jeffrey

Infante, Carlos

Reap, James

Buck, James

Jagor, Leigh

Riley, David

Burgess, Tim

James, Jennifer

Saliki, Jerry

Burgess, Will

Jolly, Laura

Samp, Jennifer

Cahoon, Lynn

Kalivoda, Karen

Sarasvati, Bala

Calabria, Ashley

Kaplan, Betina

Schroeder, Paul

Carney, Michelle

Keen, Brenda

Sellers, Holly

Chapman, Sue

Kirin, Asen

Shipley, David

Cramond, Bonnie

Langston, Keith

Smalley, Tim

Daniel, Jerry

Lauth, Thomas

Stabb, Eric

Daniels, Maurice

Lee, Jung Sun

Stooksbury, David

Daniels, Richard

Lee, Kyunghwa

Taha, Thiab

Darbisi, Carolina

Legette, Roy

Threadgill, Dale

Dorfman, Jeff

Lockhart, Lettie

Trap, Diane

Dotts, Brian

Luken, Emily

Tschepikow, Kyle

Farmer, Mark

Madden, Marguerite

Udutha, Pranay

Filipov, Nikolay

Maerz, John

Wallinga, Charlotte

Frick, Janet

Mativo, John

Wilder, Lance

Frum, Jennifer

Matthews, Paul

Wilder, Shannon

Garfinkel, David

Mauricio, Rodney

Williams, Phillip

Giraudo, Silvia

Maynard, John

Wilson, Jim

Gittleman, John

McDuff, Nancy

Yabsley, Michael

Glass, Anne

McEwen, Dee Dee

Zomlefer, Wendy

Gordon, Leslie

McNulty, Tom


Represented by Proxy

Allen, Sheila

Angle, J. Scott

Becker, Lee

Buntin, David

Burd, Adrian

Dorsey, Alan

Grasso, Maureen

Griffin, Michele

Griner, Katie

Holloway, Jacob

Hughes, Elisabeth

Ivy, Stuart

Jones, Betty

Jones, Jonathan

Karahanna, Elena

Kennedy, Craig

Lee, David

McDonald, William

Munneke, Henry

Reznik, Jordan

Robinson, Dawn

Sumichrast, Robert

Tessman, Brock

Tollner, William

Turrentine, PJ

Zhao, Yiping