University Council Minutes

04/22/2015 03:30 PM - Tate Theater, Tate Student Center
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The University Council met on April 22, 2015 in the Tate Theatre. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by President Jere Morehead.

As the first item of business, the minutes of the March 25, 2015 meeting were approved as distributed.

The President then delivered his report to the Council:

  • On April 1, three University of Georgia Honors students received 2015 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships. As well, a record number of UGA students and alumni, 16 in total, have been selected as recipients of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Additionally, another student has received the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, and two other students have received the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation Scholarship and the James Madison Graduate Fellowship. The President congratulated all of these students and commended the faculty who have served as mentors to these students.
  • Honor's Week was held last week on campus and was a tremendous success. The President stated that UGA had many successes and achievements in the past academic year, including completing the best fundraising year in University history. The University is currently on track to beat that record in fundraising this year. Also in the past academic year, the most academically-qualified class in UGA history was enrolled and over 22,300 applications were received for Fall 2015, the largest pool of applicants in University history.
  • Numerous prestigious faculty excellence awards have recently been awarded in research and teaching . Many external grants have also come to the University. A new hiring initiative is currently underway to recruit grant-active, tenured faculty members. Three new Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars have been recruited this year, a remarkable accomplishment for a single year. Other research academic faculty were recruited outside of the GRA framework as well.
  • The President stated that during this past year the University continued to push its mission as the land-grant institution of the state. A survey provided by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach estimated that the annual impact of UGA on the state of Georgia at $4 billion.
  • The Women's Leadership Initiative was launched last month, and there are on-going efforts to foster diversity and inclusion on campus, efforts that have led to UGA receiving the INSIGHT into Diversity Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.
  • Summing up these successes from the past year, the President stated that there are very good things happening on the campus of UGA.
  • Looking to the future, the President stated that new ground has been broken on such new sites as the Science Learning Center, a new Food Technology Center at the Griffin campus, and a new Baldwin Hall Annex. In the past year, UGA dedicated such buildings as the Bolton Hall, the Veterinary Medicine Center, the renovated Foley Field, Delta Hall in Washington D.C., and a new home for the Wilson Center. Construction is underway on the first phase of the Terry College of Business Learning Community. The General Assembly has approved $43 million in state funds to the second phase of this project. The General Assembly also approved $17 million to build a new facility for the Center for Molecular Medicine that will be combined with non-state funds.
  • The President expressed his gratitude to Governor Deal, Chancellor Huckaby, the General Assembly, and the Board of Regents for supporting a salary pool to be used for merit-based pay raises for faculty and staff in the coming years. The President stated that these funds are critically needed to recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty and staff.
  • The President stated that none of what was accomplished at UGA during the past year could have been accomplished without the dedicated work and support of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the University. The President thanked everyone who works to support UGA at its numerous campuses and locations around the world for their hard work and support.
  • The President announced to the Council two new administrative appointments. First, Dr. Leslie Petch Lee has been named interim campus dean of the Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership. The President stated that he believes that Dr. Lee will provide outstanding leadership in this role, which will begin in May, as a national search for a new dean commences. The President recognized and thanked Dr. Barbara Schuster for her leadership as the dean of the Medical Partnership. A new dean for The Graduate School has been named; Dr. Suzanne Barbour, a former graduate program director at Virginia Commonwealth University and currently a National Science Foundation program director, will begin in this role on July 13. The President thanked the Provost and Dean Craig Kennedy for their efforts in leading the search committee for this selection.
  • Staff Appreciation Week will be held May 11-15, culminating with a Staff Appreciation Celebration event held at the intramural fields on College Station Road. The President thanked all of the individuals involved in the planning of this inaugural event.
  • Before concluding his report, the President asked Council members, due to the size of the meeting's agenda, to state their positions clearly and succinctly during discussion on the agenda's action items. The President then asked Parliamentarian Professor Usha Rodrigues to explain and remind members of the nuances regarding discussion found in Robert's Rules of Order. Professor Rodrigues explained that regarding debate no member can speak more than twice to any particular question on the same day and that no member should speak twice until every member has been allowed to speak once.

The floor was then opened for the following standing committee and association reports.

The following Action and Information Items were presented to the Council:

There being no old or new business, the Council adjourned for the 2014-2015 term at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Jan Hathcote, Registrar
Secretary to University Council

University Council Roster

Aderibigbe, Ibigbolade

Grantham, Tarek

Nesbit, Ryan

Arabnia, Hamid

Grey, Timothy

O'Kelley, Kip

Atkinson, Eric

Grossman, Barbara

O'Neill, Peter

Ayers, Benjamin

Hall, Jori

Owsiak, Andy

Bailey, Deryl

Hannings, Ashley

Pagnattaro, Marisa

Bell, Peyton

Hathcote, Jan

Pendergrass, Jan

Bierema, Laura

Hazinski, David

Peterson, Thomas

Bliss, Thomas

Heiss, Christian

Poland, Mary

Brown, Tifara

Henry, Arlana

Popik, Vladimir

Buda, Nate

Hernandez, Sonia

Rathbun, Stephen

Cahoon, Lynn

Holladay, Steven

Reidenbaugh, Patrick

Cameron, Kristen

Hollander, Barry

Reyes De Corcuera, Jose

Carswell, Andy

Hughes, Linda

Rhicard, Laura

Casey, Ashley

Iyengar, Sujata

Roberts, Susan

Cauthen, T.W.

James, Jennifer

Roman, Paul

Chapman, Sue

Jones, Betty

Rosemond, Amy

Coffield, Julie

Jutras, Peter

Rossbacher, Brigitte

Coker, Vickie

Kaplan, Holly

Samp, Jennifer

Dahlen, Joseph

Keadle, Tim

Santesso, Esra

Darbisi, Caorlina

Keen, Brenda

Sharma, Suraj

Dennis, Carla

Kisaalita, William

Shipley, David

Dorfman, Jeff

Lee, David

Shrivastav, Rahul

Dorsey, Alan

Lee, Jung Sun

Spivey, Julie

Dotts, Brian

Lee, Kyunghwa

Spooner, David

Dove, Robert

Lewis, Michael

Starai, Vincent

Fox, Linda

Lindstrom, Jennifer

Stooksbury, David

Freeman, Melissa

Madden, Marguerite

Thomas, Paul

Frick, Janet

Malone, Barrett

Toews, Mike

Frum, Jennifer

Mativo, John

Tollner, William

Gandhi, Kamal

Matthews, Paul

Vencill, William

Gibney, Angela

McDuff, Nancy

Weigle, Chloe

Giraudo, Silvia

McEwen, Dee Dee

Whitten, Pamela

Gittleman, Joe

McNulty, Tom

Wilde, Susan

Glass, Anne

Medine, Carolyn

Wilder, Shannon

Goodhue, Dale

Miller, Carey

Williams, Brian

Gordon, Leslie

Moore, Allen

Williams, Phillip

Gordon, Robert

Morehead, Jere

Wilson, Victor

Graff, Jennifer

Morse, Jack

Øie, Svein

Represented by Proxy

Allen, Sheila

Angle, J. Scott

Azadi, Parastoo

Brush, Ryan

Gragson, Ted

Graham, Toby

Greene, Dale

Griffin, Michele

Jacoby, Drew

Kerner, Kelly

Mason, Charlotte

Mauricio, Rodney

Moore, Mary

Naeher, Luke

Ojo, Akinloye

Rutledge, Peter B. "Bo"

Sarmiento, Fausto

Schuster, Barbara

Sellers, Holly

Thompson, Jim

Tricksey, Lauren