University Council Minutes

03/20/2024 03:30 PM - Tate Theater, Tate Student Center
View Related Documents Online The University Council met on March 20, 2024, in the Tate Theater. A quorum being present, President Jere Morehead called the meeting to order at 3:32 p.m. Parliamentarian Usha Rodrigues provided remarks regarding voting and debate for the meeting.
As the first order of business, the minutes of the November 15, 2023, meeting were approved.
President Morehead then provided his report to the Council:
  • The President began his report by thanking everyone for their efforts to support and care for our students in recent weeks. The President stated that the past month had been one of the most difficult periods in the institution’s history and that all continue to mourn the tragic deaths that have occurred within the campus community.
  • The President took a moment to extend his special thanks to the UGA Police Department and UGA’s many law enforcement partners for their exceptional work as well staff in Counseling and Psychiatric Services and the Office of Student Care and Outreach for providing around-the-clock support to students.
  • The University has redoubled its efforts to promote public safety by investing $7.3 million in additional measures designed to further strengthen safety and security across campus. The measures include, among others, a permanent 20% increase to the UGA Police Department budget for enhanced recruitment and retention of officers, lighting upgrades, new campus security personnel, additional security cameras, and license plate readers. This significant investment—which builds on more than $16 million in campus security enhancements in recent years—reflects the University’s ongoing commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment. The President stated the University will continue to evaluate and strengthen these efforts in the years to come.
  • The President stated that in the midst of the tragic events of the past month, there also has been a host of accomplishments that reflect the resiliency of the campus community as well as UGA’s rapidly growing impact.
  • On February 13, the Board of Regents authorized the University of Georgia to launch an independent School of Medicine.The President stated the School of Medicine is a transformative development for the state and will build upon the resounding success of the Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership, which has been educating physicians in Athens since 2010. The President stated he is grateful to Governor Kemp and the General Assembly for allocating $50 million for a new facility for the School of Medicine in the amended FY24 state budget. UGA will match the state’s investment with private contributions to create a $100 million facility devoted to world-class medical education and research.The new building will be located on the UGA Health Sciences campus, and design and planning for this facility is already underway.
  • Dr. Shelly Nuss, Campus Dean of the Medical Partnership since 2016, has been named the founding Dean of the UGA School of Medicine. Dr. Nuss is a widely recognized leader in medical education, and the President stated he looks forward to working with her in the coming years.
  • Dr. Todd Petty, Chair of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation at Clemson University, has been named the next Dean of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.Dr. Petty will begin his appointment on August 1.
  • UGA’s total research and development expenditures have once again reached an all-time high.R&D expenditures in FY23 totaled nearly $571 million, marking a 4.6% increase over the previous year and a 63% rise over the past decade. UGA’s annual economic impact on Georgia also reached a new record in 2023, totaling $8.1 billion.
  • New data from the UGA Career Center shows that 96% of the graduates of the Class of 2023 secured employment or entered graduate school within six months of graduation.
  • Last month, the University hosted its second annual Active Learning Summit, showcasing the growth of active learning across our institution and its positive impact on thousands of our students.The President congratulated everyone who made the summit such a tremendous success.
  • The University recently announced regular admission decisions for the Class of 2028.UGA received more than 43,000 applications overall for fall admission, including a record number of early admission applications.
  • Dr. Jenna Jambeck, the Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering and a 2022 MacArthur Fellow, will serve as the Spring Graduate Commencement speaker. Allison Schmitt, a UGA alumna and one of the most decorated American athletes of all time, will serve as the Spring Undergraduate Commencement speaker.
  • This concluded the President’s report to the Council.
The floor was then opened for the following reports: The following action items were presented to the Council for consideration: The following information items were presented to the Council: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fiona Liken, Registrar,
Secretary to University Council
University Council Member Substitute
Addison, Donald  
Ainsworth, Scott  
Anderson, Mumbi Jessica Smith
Andrews, Tessa  
Archuleta, Kristy Swarn Chatterjee
Auer, Matthew (Ex-Officio)  
Ayers, Benjamin (Ex-Officio)  
Bankert, Alexa  
Bar-Peled, Maor  
Barnett, Kent  
Bartges, Joe  
Beer, Jenay  
Bendle, Neil  
Biesecker, Barbara  
Birgisson, Bjorn  
Bivins, Danny  
Bolshoy, Daniel  
Boudreau, Maric  
Bourlai, Thirimachos  
Brocato, John  
Burg, Karen (Ex-Officio) Amy Ware
Cain, Taylor  
Carlson Welch, Annie  
Carpenter, Tina  
Chapman, Jennifer  
Chess, Shira  
Christ, Margaret Kristen Valentine
Cleveland, Christopher  
Coleman, Jacob  
Colson, Gregory  
Cotterell, Michael  
Coverdill, Jim  
Crandall, Shari  
Cullen, Thomas  
Darley, Andrew  
Das, Keshav  
Davis, Brad  
DeMaria, Don  
DeVault, Travis  
Duberstein, Kylee  
Eggenschwiler, Jonathan  
Ehlers, Benjamin  
Emerson, Kerstin  
Eustace, Joe  
Ferrarezi, Rhuanito  
Ferreira, Susana  
Fitt, William Jacqueline Mohan
Forester, Kelsey  
Freeman, Bud  
Frum, Jennifer (Ex-Officio) Matt Bishop
Fu, Joseph  
Fuhrman, Nick  
Fulbright, Patrick  
Fusco, Rachel  
Garrett, Jim  
Gerlach, Chris  
Glenn, Travis  
Gottdenker, Nicole  
Gowda, Grace  
Graham, Toby (Ex-Officio)  
Grey, Timothy Nickolas Basinger
Gueneli, Berna  
Hall, Cassandra Michael Geller
Halper, Edward  
Hanawalt, Christina  
Harman, Ruth  
Harvey, Stephen  
Hembree, Savannah (Ex-Officio)  
Hester, Jack  
Hirt, Sonia (Ex-Officio)  
Hogan, Jamie  
Holladay, Steven  
Hong, Philip (Ex-Officio)  
Housley, Lauren  
Hu, Jack (Ex-Officio)  
Hughes, Hilary  
Hunter, Mark (Ex-Officio)  
Ivy, Stuart  
Jackson, Angel Sharon Liggett
Jackson, Chandra  
Jackson, Dailey  
Jantzi, Sarah  
Ji, Pengsheng  
Johnson, Daniel  
Jones, Diann  
Jones, Tom Lydian Brambila
Kajder, Sara  
Ke, Yuan Qian Xiao
Kempski, Jeffrey John Neely
Kurup, Samarchith Ronald Etheridge
Lakuriqi, Enkeleida  
Lanzilotta, William  
Lavner, Justin  
Leach, Erin  
Leahy, Brendan Jason Edwards
Lemons, Derrick  
Leo, Donald (Ex-Officio)  
Leyting, Jennifer  
Liken, Fiona (Ex-Officio)  
Little, Laura  
Malladi, Anish  
Mandal, Abhyuday  
Manning, Frank  
Marotta, Anthony  
Martin-Williams, Jean  
Masciadri, Milton  
Mason, Charlotte  
Medeiros, Patricia  
Meskin, Aaron  
Miller, Kristen  
Mojock, Christopher  
Moore, George (Ex-Officio)  
Morehead, Jere (Ex-Officio)  
Morris, Kacy  
Morrison, Alison  
Mundy, Mathew  
Muszynski, Artur  
Myers, Michael  
Navara, Kristen  
Nealy, Allison  
Nelson, Scott  
Nesbit, Ryan (Ex-Officio)  
Netter, Jeff  
Nibbelink, Nate (Ex-Officio)  
Nuss, Michelle (Ex-Officio)  
Okech, David Gaurav Sinha
Pagnattaro, Marisa (Ex-Officio)  
Palmer, Chadwick  
Peake, Jason Peng Lu
Peduzzi, Alicia Bruno Kanieski Da Silva
Perren, Samuel  
Peterson, Thomas  
Place, Nick (Ex-Officio)  
Pontes, Hawkins  
Poproski, Ruth  
Poulson, Rebecca  
Redmon, Melissa  
Reed, Rachel  
Reeves, Nancee Sara Steger
Renwick, Margaret  
Roberts, Jessica Michael Merva
Rogers, Toni  
Royer, Angie  
Rubenstein, Eric  
Ryu, Jennifer  
Saba, Corey  
Sackett, Justin  
Samples, Tim  
Sanchez, Susan  
Santesso, Esra  
Sawyer, Laura  
Shaparia, Yuag (Ex-Officio)  
Sharma, Ankush  
Sheagley, Geoffrey  
Shelton, Kisha  
Shelton, Robin  
Shipley, David  
Sial, Ashfaq  
Simpson, Catherine  
Singh, Rakesh  
Smith, Kelly (Ex-Officio) Mike Fulford
Smolenski, Craig  
Spangler, Denise (Ex-Officio)  
Sperling, Lisa  
St. Pierre, Elizabeth  
Standifer, Alton  
Stenport, Anna (Ex-Officio)  
Stich, Elizabeth  
Stone, Rebecca  
Sullivan, Spencer  
Taha, Thiab  
Tanner, Susan  
Timian, Viki  
Turner, Pamela Lance Palmer
Urbauer, Jeff  
Vallury, Sechindra  
Walcott, Ron (Ex-Officio)  
Wang, Linbing  
Wang, Yanbing (Ex-Officio)  
Weaver, Kyleigh Thomas DeRevere
White, Elizabeth  
Wieling, Elizabeth  
Wohlford, Kelsey  
Woods, Chip  
Woodson, Brock Brian Bledsoe
Worthy, Sheri  
Wright, Bradley  
Wurzburg, Elizabeth  
Yager, Patricia  
Young, Catie  
Zhao, Dehai  
Zhen, Chen  
Zheng, George  

Voting Record of March 20, 2024, Meeting