University Council Minutes

09/20/2023 03:30 PM - Tate Theater, Tate Student Center
View Related Documents Online The University Council met on September 20, 2023, in the Tate Theater. A quorum being present, President Jere Morehead called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Professor David Shipley, substituting for Parliamentarian Usha Rodrigues, provided remarks regarding voting and debate for the meeting.
As the first order of business, a motion to approve the minutes of the April 26, 2023 was made by Janet Westpheling and seconded by Matthew Auer. A vote was called, and the minutes were approved.
President Morehead then delivered his report to the Council:
  • The president began his report by welcoming members to the first University Council meeting of the 2023-2024 academic year and thanking them for their service. The president stated that he looks forward to working with all members during the year.
  • The president then introduced those who help to facilitate Council meetings: Professor Elizabeth St. Pierre, Chair of the University Council Executive Committee; Ms. Fiona Liken, Registrar and Associate Vice President for Instruction, who serves as Secretary of the Council; and Professor Usha Rodrigues of the School of Law, who serves as Parliamentarian.
  • The president stated that several new personnel had been named in key leadership positions:
    • Dr. Mark Hunter has been named Dean of the Odum School of Ecology.
    • Professor Gagan Agrawal will lead the School of Computing.
    • Dr. David Odo has been named Director of the Georgia Museum of Art.
    • Dr. Juanita Hicks is the new Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
    • Dr. Andy Borst has taken the helm as the inaugural Vice Provost for Enrollment Management.
    • Mr. David Graves has been named as the new Director of Undergraduate Admissions.
    • Mr. Jeffrey Clark has been named Chief of the University of Georgia Police Department.
    • Ms. Martha Dannenbaum is the new Executive Director of the University Health Center.
  • After receiving over 43,500 applications for admission, fall semester 2023 began with an outstanding class of 6,200 first-year students.
  • UGA was recently ranked the #20 best public university in the nation by US News and World Report. Niche has ranked UGA at #9 in their listing of top public universities. These rankings point to UGA’s consistent, sustained success as one of America’s premier institutions for higher education.
  • The president submitted for inclusion in the minutes the annual Ombudsperson report that was provided by EOO Director Qiana Wilson, whom he met with to discuss the report along with UGA’s ombudspersons Dr. Joseph Bartges, Ms. Anjali Dougherty, and Ms. Charisse Harper.
  • This concluded the president’s report to the Council.
The floor was then opened for the following reports: The following action items were presented to the Council for consideration: The following information items were presented to the Council: There was no old business to come before the Council.

During new business, a discussion occurred about a proposal passed by Council during its April 26 meeting regarding revisions to the operating procedures of the Faculty Post-Tenure Review Appeals Committee. Those revisions were submitted to the USG for approval but in light of Board of Regents/USG policy revisions were not approved and have been withdrawn.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fiona Liken, Registrar
Secretary to University Council

University Council Member Roster
Council Member Substitute
Addison, Donald  
Anderson, Mumbi (substitute Justin Ingels)
Andrews, Tessa  
Archuleta, Kristy (substitute Swan Chatterjee)
Atkinson, Amber  
Auer, Matthew (Ex-Officio)  
Ayers, Benjamin (Ex-Officio) (substitute Henry Munneke)
Bankert, Alexa  
Bar-Peled, Maor  
Barnett, Kent  
Beer, Jenay  
Bendle, Neil  
Biesecker, Barbara  
Blankenship, Sara (substitute Shelby Dickerson)
Bolshoy, Daniel (substitute Sarah Frook Gallo)
Boudreau, Maric  
Bourlai, Thirimachos  
Brocato, John  
Cain, Taylor (substitute Nicole McConnell)
Carlson Welch, Annie (substitute Demetrius Smith)
Carpenter, Tina  
Carter, Samuel  
Chapman, Jennifer  
Cherkinsky, Alexander (substitute Elya Zazovskaya)
Chess, Shira  
Christ, Margaret  
Clark, Bentley  
Cleveland, Christopher  
Coleman, Jacob  
Colson, Gregory (substitute Berna Karali)
Cook, Michelle  
Cotterell, Michael  
Coverdill, Jim  
Crandall, Shari  
Cullen, Thomas  
Darley, Andrew  
Das, Keshav  
Davis, Brad  
DeMaria, Don  
DeVault, Travis  
Duberstein, Kylee  
Eggenschwiler, Jonathan  
Ehlers, Benjamin  
Emerson, Kerstin  
Eustace, Joe  
Fernald, Gideon  
Ferreira, Susana  
Forester, Kelsey  
Frum, Jennifer (Ex-Officio)  
Fu, Joseph  
Fulbright, Patrick  
Fusco, Rachel  
Garrett, Jim (substitute emiy Adah-Miller)
Gerlach, Chris (substitute Kyla Sterling)
Glenn, Travis  
Gottdenker, Nicole  
Graham, Toby (Ex-Officio)  
Greene, Dale (Ex-Officio) (substitute Rhett Jackson)
Grey, Timothy  
Grimes, Abigail (Ex-Officio)  
Hall, Cassandra  
Halper, Edward  
Hanawalt, Christina  
Harman, Ruth  
Harvey, Stephen  
Hembree, Savannah (Ex-Officio)  
Hester, Jack  
Hill, Janette  
Hirt, Sonia (Ex-Officio) (substitute Donnie Longenecker)
Hoffman, Mallory  
Hogan, Jamie  
Holladay, Steven  
Hong, Philip (Ex-Officio)  
Housley, Lauren  
Hu, Jack (Ex-Officio)  
Hunter, Mark (Ex-Officio)  
Jackson, Angel  
Jackson, Chandra  
Jackson, Dailey  
Jaskyte Bahr, Kristina  
Johnson, Daniel  
Jones, Diann  
Jones, Shana (substitute Shana Jones)
Jones, Stephanie (substitute Ajay Sharma)
Jones, Tom  
Jue, Matthew  
Kajder, Sara  
Ke, Yuan  
Kempski, Jeffrey  
Krunkosky, Thomas  
Lakuriqi, Enkeleida  
Lavner, Justin  
Leach, Erin (substitute John Prechtel)
Leahy, Brendan (substitute Elizabeth Lutz)
Lemons, Derrick  
Leo, Donald (Ex-Officio)  
Leyting, Jennifer  
Liken, Fiona (Ex-Officio)  
Little, Laura  
Lough, Kyser  
Malladi, Anish  
Mandal, Abhyuday  
Manning, Frank (substitute Jacckson Merkl)
Marotta, Anthony  
Martin-Williams, Jean (substitute Skip Taylor)
Masciadri, Milton (substitute Elizabeth Knight)
Mason, Charlotte  
Matthews, Paul  
McBride, Walt (substitute Hardin Watkins)
Medeiros, Patricia (substitute William Miller)
Meskin, Aaron  
Miller, Kristen  
Mishra, Abhinav  
Moore, George (Ex-Officio)  
Morehead, Jere (Ex-Officio)  
Morris, Kacy  
Morrison, Alison  
Mundy, Mathew  
Muszynski, Artur  
Nelson, Scott  
Nesbit, Ryan (Ex-Officio)  
Netter, Jeff (substitute Myra Moore)
Newman, Blaise  
Nuss, Michelle (Ex-Officio) (substitute Clive Slaughter)
Okech, David  
Pagnattaro, Marisa (Ex-Officio)  
Peake, Jason  
Peduzzi, Alicia  
Perren, Samuel  
Peterson, Thomas  
Place, Nick (Ex-Officio) (substitute Josef Broder)
Pontes, Hawkins  
Poproski, Ruth  
Redmon, Melissa  
Reedy, Caroline  
Reeves, Nancee  
Renwick, Margaret  
Rice, Jennifer  
Roberts, Jessica  
Rogers, Toni  
Royer, Angie  
Rubenstein, Eric  
Ryu, Jennifer  
Saba, Corey  
Samples, Tim  
Sanchez, Susan  
Santesso, Esra  
Sawyer, Laura  
Severns, Paul (substitute Sophie Usher)
Shaparia, Yuag (Ex-Officio)  
Sheagley, Geoffrey  
Shelton, Kisha  
Shelton, Robin  
Shipley, David  
Singh, Rakesh  
Smith, Caroline  
Smith, Kelly (Ex-Officio) (substitute Michael Fulford)
Smolenski, Craig  
Spangler, Denise (Ex-Officio)  
Sperling, Lisa  
St. Pierre, Elizabeth  
Standifer, Brittany  
StaRomana, Benny  
Stenport, Anna (Ex-Officio)  
Stinson, James  
Stone, Rebecca  
Sullivan, Spencer  
Taha, Thiab (substitute Eman Saleh)
Timian, Viki  
Turner, Pamela  
Urbauer, Jeff  
Vallury, Sechindra  
Walcott, Ron (Ex-Officio)  
Wang, Linbing  
Wang, Yanbing (Ex-Officio)  
Westpheling, Janet  
White, Elizabeth  
Wilson, Victor (Ex-Officio)  
Woodson, Brock (substitute Alysha Helmrich)
Worthy, Sheri  
Wright, Bradley  
Wurzburg, Elizabeth  
Young, Catie  
Zhao, Dehai  
Zheng, George  
Zvonkovic, Anisa (Ex-Officio)  

Voting Record of September 20, 2023, Meeting