University Council Minutes

04/26/2023 03:30 PM - Tate Theater, Tate Student Center
View Related Documents Online The University Council met on April 26, 2023, in the Tate Theater. A quorum being present, President Jere Morehead called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Parliamentarian Usha Rodrigues provided remarks regarding the voting and debate procedures for the meeting to the Council.
As the first order of business, the president asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 15, 2023, meeting. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Janet Westpheling and was seconded by Alan Dorsey. A vote was then called, and the minutes were approved.
President Morehead then delivered his report to the Council:
  • The president began his report by recognizing some leadership transitions in the University Administration. Jeanette Taylor began her tenure as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs on April 1. Jill Walton is now serving as Interim Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. The president expressed his appreciation to both for serving the institution in these important leadership roles.
  • The Georgia General Assembly has concluded the legislative session for the year and there were a number of key items approved that will impact UGA. The state budget included funding for $2,000 raises for state employees. These raises will be extremely beneficial to UGA’s dedicated faculty and staff amid significant inflationary pressures.
  • UGA received funding for several capital projects and programs to help improve facilities and grow UGA’s impact across the state.
  • In light of a system-wide cut in the USG budget, the Board of Regents did not act on the FY24 budget at the April meeting. The university hopes to learn more about next year’s budget during the May meeting and any impact it may have on the University.
  • Honors Week was held April 17-21, and several faculty, staff, students, and alumni were honored for their work.
  • Two faculty members have earned Guggenheim Fellowships: Dr. Andy Herod a professor of Geography in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, along with Dean Sonia Hirt of the College of Environment and Design were among those named to this year’s list of fellows.
  • Earlier this month, two UGA juniors, Audrey Conner and Emilio Ferrara, earned the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. This is the highest award of its type for the fields of mathematics, engineering, and natural sciences.
  • On the Admissions front, UGA’s incoming class of students is shaping up well as the May 1 commitment deadline approaches. All signs point to another incredible incoming class, and UGA looks forward to these extremely accomplished scholars joining the campus community this fall.
  • Reading Day is Tuesday, May 2, followed by finals and spring commencement. Commencement exercises will begin on Thursday, May 11, for those earning graduate and doctoral degrees. Graduate degrees will be awarded in Sanford Stadium at 9:30 a.m. The undergraduate ceremony will take place on Friday, May 12, at 7:30 p.m. in Sanford Stadium. Dr. Charles Bullock, Richard B. Russell Chair in Political Science and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, will deliver the graduate commencement address. Leah Brown, an orthopedic surgeon, University of Georgia alumna, and All-American for the GymDogs, will serve as the undergraduate speaker.
  • The president expressed his gratitude for the collective effort of so many participating in University Council, especially those serving in leadership roles on the Council.‘
 This concluded the president’s report to the Council.
The floor was then opened for the following reports:  The following action items were presented to the Council for consideration: The following information items were presented to the Council: There being no old or new business, the meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Fiona Liken, Registrar
Secretary to University Council

Council Member Name Name of Substitute 
Addison, Donald  
Adhikari, Koushik ( substitute Abhinav Mishra)
Altizer, Sonia (Ex-Officio)  
Amstutz, Meg (Ex-Officio)  
Andrews, Tessa  
Archuleta, Kristy (substitute Connie Rogers)
Atkins, Rebecca  
Atkinson, Amber (substitute Brian Atkinson)
Auer, Matthew (Ex-Officio)  
Ayers, Benjamin (Ex-Officio)  
Barnett, Kent  
Barnett, Mason  
Bartges, Joe  
Beer, Jenay  
Biesecker, Barbara  
Birgisson, Bjorn (substitute Linbing Wang)
Bivins, Danny  
Boudreau, Maric (substitute Craig Piercy)
Bourlai, Thirimachos  
Branan, Trisha  
Britton, Benjamin  
Brocato, John  
Burg, Karen (Ex-Officio) (substitute Amy Ware)
Cain, Taylor  
Camus, Al  
Carlson Welch, Annie (substitute Sheri Crandall)
Carpenter, Tina  
Carter, Rayna  
Cherkinsky, Alexander  
Chess, Shira  
Christ, Margaret  
Colson, Gregory  
Cook, Michelle (substitute Jeanette Taylor)
Cotterell, Michael  
Cullen, Thomas  
Darbisi, Carolina (substitute Jason Estep)
Darley, Andrew  
Davis, Brad  
Davis, Charles (Ex-Officio) (substitute Glen Nowak)
Davis, Marsha (Ex-Officio)  
DeVault, Travis  
Dolan, Erin  
Dorsey, Alan (Ex-Officio)  
Duberstein, Kylee  
Durham, Stephan (substitute Mi Geum Choreepa)
Eggenschwiler, Jonathan  
Ehlers, Benjamin  
Emerson, Kerstin  
Farmer, Mark  
Ferrarezi, Rhuanito  
Ferreira, Susana  
Frum, Jennifer (Ex-Officio)  
Fu, Joseph  
Gerlach, Chris  
Glenn, Travis  
Gottdenker, Nicole  
Graham, Toby (Ex-Officio) (substitute Kristin Nielsen)
Greene, Dale (Ex-Officio)  
Grey, Timothy  
Guay, Mary  
Gueneli, Berna (substitute Alex Sager)
Habteselassie, Mussie  
Hall, Cassandra  
Halper, Edward  
Hammock, Alexandra  
Hanawalt, Christina  
Harvey, Stephen  
Hembree, Savannah (Ex-Officio)  
Henriott, Bryson (Ex-Officio)  
Herndon, Keith  
Hill, Daniel  
Hirt, Sonia (Ex-Officio)  
Holladay, Steven  
Hong, Philip (Ex-Officio)  
Hu, Jack (Ex-Officio)  
Hughes, Hilary  
Jantzi, Sarah  
Jaskyte Bahr, Kristina (substitute Anthony Mallon)
Jones, Diann  
Jones, Shana  
Jones, Stephanie  
Jones, Tom  
Ke, Yuan  
Kempski, Jeffrey  
Lakuriqi, Enkeleida  
Lavner, Justin  
Leach, Erin  
Leahy, Brendan  
Leo, Donald (Ex-Officio)  
Lewis, Zachary  
Leyting, Jennifer  
Liken, Fiona (Ex-Officio)  
Lindgren, Kate  
Little, Laura  
Lollis, Mary Nichols  
Madonna, Anthony  
Maillo-Pozo, Sharina  
Manning, Frank  
Martin-Williams, Jean  
Mason, Charlotte  
Mason, William  
Matthews, Paul  
Medeiros, Patricia  
Medina, Alex  
Meskin, Aaron  
Miller, Kristen  
Morehead, Jere (Ex-Officio)  
Morrison, Alison  
Nesbit, Ryan (Ex-Officio)  
Netter, Jeff (substitute Annette Poulsen)
Nolan, Lisa (Ex-Officio) (substitute Andy Parks)
Nuss, Michelle (Ex-Officio)  
Pagnattaro, Marisa (Ex-Officio)  
Palmer, Chadwick  
Park, Andrew  
Paton, Chad  
Peake, Jason (substitute Jennifer Waldeck)
Peduzzi, Alicia  
Perren, Samuel  
Peterson, Thomas (substitute Luis Correa-Diaz)
Place, Nick (Ex-Officio)  
Poland, Mary  
Pollard, Amy  
Poproski, Ruth  
Pringle, Catherine  
Reed, Rachel  
Reifsteck, Fred  
Renwick, Margaret  
Renzi-Hammond, Lisa  
Rice, Jennifer  
Roberts, Jessica  
Rodgers, Lauren  
Royer, Angie  
Rutledge, Peter B. "Bo" (Ex-Officio)  
Saba, Corey  
Saleh, Eman  
Samaye, Obamide (Ex-Officio)  
Samples, Tim  
Santesso, Esra  
Sartorato, Matt (substitute Marena Fleming)
Sheagley, Geoffrey  
Shelton, Kisha  
Shipley, David  
Sial, Ashfaq  
Singh, Rakesh  
Smith, Kelly (Ex-Officio)  
Smolenski, Craig  
Spangler, Denise (Ex-Officio)  
Sperling, Lisa  
St. Pierre, Elizabeth  
StaRomana, Benny  
Stone, Rebecca  
Summerlin, Donald  
Taha, Thiab  
Templin, Dawson  
Tucker, Bram  
Walcott, Ron (Ex-Officio)  
Wallace, Isabelle  
Watson, Richard  
Westpheling, Janet  
White, Elizabeth  
Wieling, Elizabeth  
Wilson, Victor (Ex-Officio)  
Woodson, Brock  
Worthy, Sheri  
Wright, Bradley  
Yao, Angela  
Zhao, Dehai  
Zhen, Chen  
Zheng, George (substitute Jiabao Song)
Zvonkovic, Anisa (Ex-Officio) (substitute Diane Bales)

Voting Record of April 26, 2023, Meeting