University Council Minutes

04/24/2019 03:30 PM - Tate Theatre, Tate Student Center
View Related Documents Online The University Council met on April 24, 2019 in the Tate Theatre. A quorum being present, President Jere Morehead called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

As the first order of business, the minutes of the February 27, 2019 meeting were approved as distributed.

President Morehead then delivered his report to the Council:
  • The president opened his remarks by following up with the Council on a communication he sent the previous day regarding the safety and well-being of the students, faculty, and staff at the university. The president expressed his appreciation to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for their handling of the investigation into the armed robberies that occurred off campus earlier in the week. A suspect has been arrested. The president stated that he along with representatives from the Division of Student Affairs had the opportunity to visit in the hospital with the family of the student who was injured in this altercation where they expressed the care and concern of the entire campus community for the student's recovery. UGA Chief of Police Dan Silk continues to work closely with the ACC Police Department to coordinate efforts between the two agencies to emphasize safety and security issues on and around the campus. The president asked that everyone keep the victims of this crime in their thoughts.
  • Reading Day will occur on Wednesday, May 1, and finals will follow May 2-8 with Commencement concluding the semester on Friday, May 10.
  • The president was pleased to report that a merit-based salary raise pool will be offered to the university's dedicated faculty and staff for the sixth year in a row. The president stated that steady, sustained merit raises were the university's top priority in advocating for the university's needs during the legislative session. The merit raise pool amount is 2%. Per USG guidelines, increases can be provided at the rates of 0%-4% and will be effective July 1. Additional funds have been set aside to address the most critically-documented cases of compression and equity for faculty and staff. For the eighth consecutive year, the university was permitted to raise the minimum hiring rate for full-time staff members to $25,175. Graduate assistant stipends are also increasing 2%. Healthcare subsidies for graduate students are also increasing to half the cost of health insurance premiums.
  • Support for all capital priorities also occurred during the legislative session. Design-funding was secured for the second phase of the interdisciplinary STEM research facility. Renovation construction funding for the Driftmier Building for the College of Engineering was also secured as well as significant support for major renovations and repairs critical to the campus. Full-funding for the USG's funding formula was obtained as well.
  • Dr. Jack Hu will join the university on July 1 as the new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Dr. Hu is currently finishing up as Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan. The president stated he looks forward to the many contributions Dr. Hu will make to the campus, specifically in the areas of promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration as well as university industry partnerships and global engagement.
  • The president expressed his gratitude to Dr. Libby Morris for her leadership in serving as the Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost over the past year. The president asked the Council to join him in recognizing Dr. Morris for her service.
  • Four finalists for dean of the College of Public Health are currently making their visits to the campus. The president recognized the leadership of Marsha Davis for her service as interim dean since the retirement of Dean Phillip Williams in December.
  • The president was pleased to join Dean Denise Spangler last week in announcing plans to launch a campaign to name the College of Education in honor of Mary Frances Early. Ms. Early was the first African-American graduate of the University of Georgia, and she had a long, distinguished career as a music educator in the state of Georgia. Over the next year, gifts benefiting the College of Education may be designated in her honor. The lead gift for this campaign was provided by the President's Venture Fund, creating four new $100K Georgia Commitment Scholarships for students with financial aid. These scholarships will be awarded with a preference for students pursuing majors in the College of Education or in music.
  • The president reported at the February Council meeting that the university had exceeded the $1.2 billion goal for the Commit to Georgia Campaign. With the four new Georgia Commitment Scholarships and a new scholarship announced by UGA alumnus Deborah Roberts, the university has 400 new need-based endowed scholarships to support students. The president looks forward to seeing how many more scholarships will be created beyond the campaign's original goal for creating new need-based scholarships.
  • The president took a moment to recognize the good work being performed in communities around the state and across the nation by UGA students. For example, more than 250 UGA students participated in impact-service learning trips over spring break. These students spent spring break volunteering with organizations in Savannah, Birmingham, Indianapolis, and many other locations to address human trafficking, homelessness, and other pressing social issues. An inaugural group of 25 students participated over spring break in the new Student Tour of Georgia. This is a joint-effort of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach and the Vice President for Student Affairs that is loosely based on the popular UGA faculty tour.  Throughout the state, students saw ways that UGA is helping to boost local and statewide issues and improve the quality of life for Georgians.
  • The president reminded Council members that the Louise McBee Lecture would occur on April 25. President of the University of Connecticut Susan Herbst will be delivering the lecture. President Herbst previously served as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the USG and worked closely with UGA in the development of the College of Engineering.
  • Before closing his remarks, the president thanked those who served in leadership roles for the University Council during the academic year. The president stated he wanted the minutes to reflect his appreciation to those in leadership roles, including those who chaired a standing committee and served on a committee. The president then thanked Registrar Fiona Liken and Adam Lawrence from the Office of the Registrar for managing the administration of the Council, Professor Usha Rodrigues for serving as Parliamentarian and providing guidance on parliamentary procedure, and Dr. Andy Owsiak for leading the Executive Committee as Chair. The president asked the Council to join him in thanking these individuals for their service this academic year.
The floor was then opened for the following reports: The following action items were presented to the Council for consideration: There being no old or new business, the meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fiona Liken, Registrar
Secretary to University Council
University Council Members Present
Adams, Malcolm Hensel, Kyle Okech, David
Anderson, Alex Herist, Keith Oliver, Kerry
Auer, Matthew Ivy, Stuart Owsiak, Andy
Bai, Shuyang Jackson, Angel Peterson, David
Beck, Randy James, Kevin Poulsen, Annette
Bergstrom, John Johnson, Beverly Prentiss, Amber
Birch, Suzanne Kastner, James Reinberger, Mark
Black, Joel Kelley, Christopher Rosemond, Amy
Borron, Abigail Kelley, Laura Roulston, Kathy
Bousquette, Joshua Kern, Kathleen Rutledge, Pete B. "Bo"
Brooks, Kay Krause, George Sabatini, Robert
Brunow, Beate Lai, Ming-Jun Saleh, Eman
Bynum, Josh Lanzilotta, William Sawhill, Ronald
Cade, Jason Lastrapes, William Scartz, Christine
Campbell, John Lee, David Scheyett, Anna
Camus, Al LeGette, Casie Schultz, Alisa
Carson, Jim Leigh, David Schuttler, Heinz-Bernd
Chavis, Stacey Leo, Donald Schwanenflugel, Paula
Chess, Shira Lewis, Denise Scott, Robert
Chorzepa, Mi Geum Liken, Fiona Shen, Ye
Cona, Kelly Little, Elizabeth Shepherd, Shelley
Cooper, Diane Marotta, Anthony Shipley, David
Coverdill, Jim Martin-Williams, Jean Shrivastav, Rahul
Crawford, Melanie Masciadri, Milton Siry, Jacek
Crumsey Forde, Jasmine Massey, Ann Smith, Kelly
Davis, Charles Mastrovita, Mandy Snyder, Margaret
Dellaria, Nancy Mayfield, Mark Spangler, Denise
Dorsey, Alan McClung, James Story, Jessica
Dougherty, Anjali McDaniel, Matthew Sumner, Maxwell
Dove, Robert Meadows, Braden Sweigart, Andrea
Dumont, Devin Means, Darris Taha, Thaib
Epstein, Kira Medeiros, Patricia Tan, Li
Evans, Jonathan Michaelis, Vicki Tang, Lili
Femia, Patrick Miller, Shari Tiller, Lori
Fox, Linda Mize, Marie Tuberville, Tracey
Frum, Jennifer Moore, Mary Villari, Caterina
Futris, Ted Morehead, Jere Vining, Richard
Gabara, Rachel Morris, Libby Viveiros, Maria
Gaver, Jenny Murph, Mandi Whitman, William
Gittleman, John Murphy, Amy Wilhelm, Teena
Goodie, Adam Nelson, Scott Williams, Jarred
Graham, Toby Nesbit, Ryan Williams, Susan
Greene, Dale Nibbelink, Nate Wilson, Mark
Gupton, Timothy Nolan, Lisa Wilson, Victor
Habteselassie, Mussie Nuss, Michelle Wolf, Montgomery
Hagood, Chase Nutt Hahn, Angela Zastre, Jason
Represented by Substitute
Ahern, Christine
Auer, Matthew
Ayers, Benjamin
Barbour, Suzanne
Barner, John
Bierema, Laura
Carpenter, Tina
Ceska, Jennifer
Cherkinsky, Alexander
Dahlen, Joseph
Davis, Marsha
Franchini, Caitlin
Fresk, Kara
Glasser, Gary
Grand-Jean, Ammishaddai
Hadden, Carla
Himelboim, Itai
Hirt, Sonia
Hunt-Hurst, Patti
Jagnow, Rene
Joye, Samantha
McDonald, Bill
Pardue, Samuel
Sumners, Sarah
Woodson, Brock